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IJCST is a monthly peer reviewed international journal of science, engineering and technology. International journal of current science and technology (ISSN 2312-5985) and ascends a maiden flight across the globe as an academic monthly Journal, distinctive in its experimental area. This is inclusive of a broad spectrum of core subjects and its derivatives. IJCST is independent of its kind that inspires up-to-date research work on scientific territory, latest enterprises, inclination, and engineering & technological up-gradations. We encourage all categories of learners and learned from different areas of science, to achieve the ultimate knowledge of technology.









International journal of current Health System Management (IJCHSM) ISSN 2312-5985 is a monthly open access, peer-reviewed journal which serves as an international and interdisciplinary setting for the dissemination of health and management research. It brings together individual specialties from different fields, notably health management/policy/economics, epidemiology, social/public policy, and philosophy into a dynamic academic mix. IJCHSM is intended to enhance communication among health system researchers, policy and decision makers, legislators, practitioners, educators, administrators, students, and other types of allied health professionals in the research and healthcare delivery systems. IJCHSM publishes high quality editorials, perspectives, review articles, original research articles (both empirical and theoretical), policy briefs, commentaries, correspondences, hypotheses, and letters to editor. Geographical coverage including coverage of the poorest countries and low- and middle- income countries is of utmost importance in IJCHSM. 

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