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Karuoya Lucy Njeri Masters Student, Kenya Methodist University, Kenya

Ann Thuo - Lecturer, Kenya Methodist University, Kenya


This study sets out to investigate the factors that influence sustainable competitive advantage among cut flower companies in Naivasha District, taking specific cases of two companies which for this purpose we will refer them as company A and B. The study therefore studied how the companies use infrastructure, location, human resource and development and horticultural clusters to achieve competitive advantage.The study adopted a descriptive survey design targeting 105 employees in top level, middle level and low level management working in Company A and Company B. Since the population sample was small, census approach was used. The study collected both primary data and secondary data. Primary data was collected using questionnaires while secondary data was collected from companies’ annual reports, manuals and newsletters. A pilot study was carried out to ensure validity of the research instrument. Self-administered questionnaire were used in this study to collect quantitative data. The data was then analyzed using descriptive statistics. The study also used regression method to test the nature of influence of independent variables on a dependent variable. The study findings were presented using tables, figures and graphs whose interpretations were given in prose. This generated quantitative reports through tabulations, percentages, and measure of central tendency. The study found out that infrastructure, location, human resource and horticulture clusters influences sustainable competitive advantage to a large extent. It is recommended that government to encourage flower marketing should develop infrastructure, companies to train their staff well and strive retain employees to achieve competitive advantage. It is also recommended that prior to flower farm set up, location consideration is key also for synergy, firm should agglomerate in clusters to reap the benefits of economies of scale.

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