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IJCBSS is a web platform for international-published journals. It is a partnership of journals committed to increasing the international profile of International's scholarly work and improving access to International-originated knowledge. By joining together as a large group of journals, this service has attained great international recognition, and visibility on the internet. 

IJCBSS provides the following services for each of its participating journals:

  • Free journal home page on IJCBSS (includes contact details, editorial information and instructions to authors)

  • Free meta-data hosting

  • Free full text hosting (closed for subscription-based journals, free pdf article download of articles from Open Access journals)

  • International exposure to over 100,000 researchers each month

  • Potential extra revenue stream from article downloads (subscription-based journals only) Currently, the loading of journal content to the IJCBSS site is done by IJCBSS staff. Going forward, Publishers / Editors will be encouraged to take ownership and control of this process themselves.

Email us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for instructions on the application process. 

Remember, your journal needs to comply with 8 criteria for inclusion, namely:

  1. The journal must be scholarly in content, and contain original research (in addition to other content)

  2. The content is peer-reviewed and quality controlled

  3. The journal has an established publishing track record (i.e. Volume 1, Issue 1 not accepted)

  4. The journal has an actively functioning Editorial Board (institutional affiliations and contact details required)

  5. The journal has a registered ISSN

  6. The journal will provide all content for inclusion on IJCBSS (tables of contents, abstracts, and full text) in electronic format and in a timely manner. Partner journals are responsible for ensuring their content on IJCBSS is up to date.

  7. The journal guarantees all requisite permissions are granted to allow IJCBSS to operate an article download service

  8. The journal is published within the African continent (i.e. management of publishing strategy, business development and production operation are all run from an African country)


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