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"As one of the authors in International Journal of current Business and Social Science I was met in a very friendly and personal manner. The review process was useful, and faster than in most other journals I have been in contact with. But what impressed me most, was the prompt process of publishing the paper when it was accepted. It took less than 24 hours from I got the message of acceptance to the papers was available on web."

Tone Merethe Aasen

"When I submitted a paper to the Journal of current Business and Social Science I was impressed by the expeditious manner in which the whole review process was undertaken and for the clarity of feedback. This led to the ultimate submission of a much stronger paper on my part, and naturally I am thankful to the reviewers for this. Now my paper is easily accessible on the journal's website." 

Fintan Clear, Business School, Brunel University, United Kingdom

"I wish to applaud the entire editorial board of the IJCBSS on its professionalism. Our manuscript's reviews were both timely (i.e. less than one month!) and detailed supporting us in our efforts to revise and refine our research to the point that it was ready for publication. Email communication was consistently courteous and action-oriented that did not leave any room for confusion. Both the Co-ordinating and Production Editors were readily accessible for revisions, particularly in the final stages of the publication process. The timely availability of our article on the journal's website was a refreshing change from the long submission review periods we have been accustomed to in the fields of I.S. and e-Business, and coupled with the currency of the published research, IJCBSS will be one of the journals I will be considering in future submissions." 

Ismail Adeleke

"Our experience of working with the editorial team at IJCBSS has been especially positive: from the initial contact seeking advice as to the appropriateness of our research for publication to the timely and informative reviewers' comments and editorial decision, we have met with a professionalism and enthusiasm which encouraged us to produce a much stronger final version. Once accepted, our paper was published with astonishing speed. Very impressive in every respect." 

Samuel Victor Chinyoka

"As an author of two papers published in the international Journal of current Business and Social Science, I have been particularly happy with the short time span from initial submission to publication. Both times I have submitted a paper, the journal has managed to meet their target of providing reviews within ten weeks. On top of that, the papers get published within weeks after acceptance. This, together with the open access nature of the publication, makes the journal a very appealing forum especially for articles which deal with topical issues and have relevance to the policy and practitioner communities." 

Teemu Keam, Department of Management, University of Vaasa, Finland

"The IJCBSS covers a wide-ranging set of topics in the business and management areas and publishes high quality papers based on a careful and demanding refereeing process. The review time is quite adequate and the editorial team provides an excellent and continuous support. This journal is an optimal choice for all researchers that work in the applied business and management areas and are interested in sharing their knowledge and easily getting access to other relevant studies in their research topics." 

Patrícia Oom do Valle, Faculty of Economics, University of Algarve, Portugal

"As one of the authors in international Journal of current Business and Social Science, I was meet by a positive tone and fair and very good review process which was faster than I had experienced in other journals." 


Joseph Ngugi Kenya 

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